Do Not Die Before You Are Dead

by The Dead Peasants Revolt

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released May 5, 2015



all rights reserved


The Dead Peasants Revolt Ottawa, Ontario

Current Members:

Kneel Peart - Drums

Cee Knee - Vox

Davey Brat - Guitar and Vox

Josh "Remi Royale" Grace - Bass

Sean-Cast Zero - Guitar and Vox
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Track Name: Snowden

Are you shocked? That they keep tabs on us, the NSA
That they monitor. Homeland security, the CIA
Social media. Is the easiest way they keep track!
So be careful. Of what you post, or they can attack!

Prison bound. In deep unsound. Never to be found. Mass Grave Underground.

Never Ever – Never Ever, Past Action, Web Inaction
Smoke Screen distraction, Retraction, Escape their capture.
Track Name: No Leaders Needed Here
No Leaders Needed Here

We don’t need a leader, never had as the will of the people is strong,
We are well organized, disciplined, centralized power has proven us wrong,
It’s easy to stop a movement when it’s headed by one person,
We have learned the hard way from this history lesson,
You cut one of us down, so many more can take action without hesitation,
We are autonomous sections gathered throughout the nations,
We don’t recognize boarders or invisible lines drawn in the dirt,
We’re for global liberation, the struggle for earth,

We don’t need a leader, oh no!!
We will show them how it’s done
Oh baby, gotta love that autonomy
We don’t need leaders you see

With centralized power bases, it’s so easy to create hierarchy,
That absolute power corrupts the most noble of ideas,
We need to form committees, a discussion to come to a consensus,
Disorganization decision making is our nemesis,
Don’t let the discussion be weighed down on idealistic schematics,
Don’t let them divide us on silly political rhetoric differences
For we can prove them wrong, that- we don’t need a leader
We only need ourselves to make a free society!!!
Track Name: It Ends with Ferguson
It Ends with Ferguson

Vigilance, needs to be kept on the actions of these killer cops
Resistance, to the occupying police force, the murderers have to be stopped

Our neighbourhoods,
Their occupation
Our Blood!
Is on their hands!

Cop watch, Programs in effect to keep eyes on the diaralects
Self-Governing, to resist the capitalist regime of colonialists
Solidarity, with all these people trapped within these police states
No more!, of this oppression based on class, creed or race
Track Name: Positive Pro Action
Positive Pro Action

We sometimes forget to celebrate victories, our triumphs over the evil contingencies,
Raise your glass and have a laugh,
Give hugs all around, this is for all the sisters and brothers gone underground,
Much love to give, high fives and kisses,

Sometimes we must escape the negative
A focus on something positive
A reminder of why we fight,
We do it for justice and what is right
Hey, Hey – Hey -Hey

This is for every one of you, the ones who organize with hours devoted to execute,
Mass convergences, tear down fences,
To all who help keep our communities safe, who help with the next generations communicate/educate
We thank you, for all that you do

Thank you:
Black panthers, Zapatistas, the Anti-Fa, the raging Grannies, Food Not Bombs, Radical Cheerleaders, Democracy Now, No One is Illegal, Idle No More, all the Union Activists, Anonymous, the Crimethinc Subversives, LGBT Support groups, Vegan Outreach, Earth First, the Occupy Movement, the CNT, the Anarcho DIY Punk Kids , Anti-Racist Action, Anarchist Black Cross, Sharp and Rash, Every Single Feminist! The ones who occupy everywhere, thanks to all that care!
Track Name: Weak Gender
Weak Gender

We can transform, this modern day rape culture
Reject the norm, the objectification of the vultures
We must learn, that porn in any way is not real sex
Let it burn, the expectancies of male patriarchal dominance,

We understand the differences,
Still the same regardless of gender,
We fight for equality,
Put an end to misogyny,
Must re-evaluate ourselves,
Deny the culture that sex sells,
Males can be feminist’s too,
All who stand up, we salute you!

Reject the images – of these products continued to doubt ourselves,
Media sobriety – to see the sexist bullshit that they sell,
Entitlement to sex – generations of misogynists,
Break the chains, let’s make Weak Gender history!!
Track Name: Winnipeg Knights
Winnipeg Knights

Why have the communists of past generation forgotten about us,
We weren’t “white” enough to be included in the struggle of the socialists,

Reminants of a colonist regime,
Discarded amongst the ruins of the North End streets,
Before the flooded our lands to give the box stores power,
I guess people’s struggles don’t include red Indians, fucking cowards,

So cold, these Winnipeg nights,
Left so many on the street to die,
People damaged beyond repair, tossed aside,
We are resilient, these Winnipeg Knights

We remember the battle against fascists in old market square,
The General Strike of 1919, the great fist forced reforms in labor,
Our people saw industrialization as a cancer on the land,
Destroyed every inch of soil and environment
Resistant to the occupation of the Europeans
Mirrored today in the city scape, neighborhood racial divisions

Reject the past and look into the future,
We are all in the same struggle,
We need each other to over come,
My Bolshevik friend, lets send these colonialist capitalists home,
Unions and street gang members working together so we can win,
Elders and activists united as one,
Looks past skin color and embrace culture,
Victory is ours as the sun media building burns!
Track Name: Breaking the Glass
Breaking the Glass

I never thought I would ever have to state something like this!
But you P.C fundamentalist ways are so counterproductive
It creates more divisions and oppresses the people who we try to help
Why do you need to look down on folk who have different out looks that you?

Fuck Your White Privileged P.C Bullshit!!!!
Track Name: God's Gay and that's Okay!
Gods Gay and that’s Okay

When they say god hates you,
For some of us, that’s true,
No deity can control my sexuality,
Your god in my sworn enemy,
Anarcho Queers reject the church,
All of their hatred and hurt,
The fear and pain that they cause,
They do it for their gods’ love,

Fight on the wrong side of history,
The same side as fascists and Nazis,
Religious fanatics,
Follow easily to a Jesus that hates equality,

This time we decide to bash back,
Say no to these bigoted attacks,
Just because you are insecure,
Just because you are afraid of who you are,
To deny the basic pillars of human decency,
To fight so hard against equality,
I question what is seriously wrong with you?
What your blind faith allows you to do!
Track Name: Political Prisoners of War
Political Prisoners of War

For all the voices of dissent,
The ones they attempt to silence,
We will not forget about you,
Until we are all free, we are in prison too,

Political prisoners, prisoners of war,
Our freedom fighters, trapped behind bars,
Too dangerous to the state, as they decide fate,
Their powerful voices, that they need to eradicate,

For thousands and thousands of years, the ones who hold power,
Attempt to quash the uprisings against their Ivory Towers,
Imprison and murder those who can influence and invoke mass change,
When all prisoners have been burnt down, we can say we have one this day,

Burn the prisons - to the ground
Track Name: The Reluctance
The Reluctance

It’s hard to encourage people to participate,
To get involved, to embrace and create,
When apathy blankets the entire city scape,
The Reluctance to change our state,
They ways of life, mass consumption and gluttony
So we discover we are our own worst enemy,
Small towns gave a base for a strong community,
We have it pretty, maybe it’s time to look past you and me,

Mental revolution, a chance to break free,
We fight against the apathy,
We all have a common enemy,
Victims of capitalistic tyranny,

All it takes is a small well organized group to change the world,
You can make a difference in the struggle,
We’ve seen dictators and empires fall,
2011’s uprisings and occupations started small,
That’s all it takes to gain momentum,
Very soon on our hands we have a revolution,
Yes, my friends you can all make a difference,
This is why we are part of this world wide resistance
Track Name: Cum Jesus Cum
Cum Jesus Cum

Men kissing men, then they – freak out
Sodomy is still illegal in parts of the – first world
Pervert Bible thumper beating so hard – their cocks
It’s because they just want it in – their mouths

They just hate themselves – Today
Brainwashed by Jesus, deny they are gay
Come on over and stop the regret,
Your Christian god, loves us faggots,

Cum Cum Cum – in your butt!!!
Track Name: Thanks for the Inspiration
Thanks for the Inspiration

Thanks for believing in me and seeing all the possibilities,
Thanks for never giving up, even when I dug myself into a rut,
We can learn from our mistakes, never loose ourselves to debate,
Or let divisions dictate our fate, so we can organize and create

A new world, a new economy,
A society founded on equality

Thanks for believing in you, and realizing all that you can do,
Thank you for creating art, because I know it comes straight from the heart,
It inspires thought and inner reflection, to look at ourselves and the world we live in,
Gives us strength and fuels our anger, expose those whom divide and conquer

A new world, a new economy,
A society, founded on equality,
We believe in you and know you can win,
Never alone, Never again

My friend, my friend, together-together, we shall over throw them
We rise, up rise, turn tides, they hide, we claim what is ours to no surprise
We care, to share, no more, despair, art transcends the activist heirs
To the brand new, for me and you, so we do what we must do

Thanks to the activists, the ones who fight on the front lines for all of us,
Thanks to the media terrorists, Zinn, Chomsky, the Anarcho Theorists,
Thanks to the writers like Naomi Klein and Ward Churchill, Mumia abu Jamall

With your powerful words inspires to make these empires fall
Track Name: Bro God Core
Bro God Core

I don’t really care about the animals that died,
I just want to make this yummy pizza pie,
I could care less about the cutting of the rainforest,
Needed to harvest this delicious meat lovers
Because I’m so posi, a dedication of a smile,
I want to make punk safe and sterile,
Something that my church and parents would appreciate,
C’mon everybody what’s with the dissent and hate?

Punk rock safety for me and you
Skateboarding and pizza and girlfriends too
Except if you’re gay, that’s so EW
My man Jesus is head of this posi crew.

Got my back pack on, with nothing in it,
Drop C chugs are just so melodic,
Let’s use some auto-tune, because we can’t sing,
Or just try and scream everything,
We don’t need content, or meaning to our songs
Just as you heard, can sing along
Let’s open this pit, so Jesus can two step
Man I love being so positive
Track Name: Self - Image Inducer
Self-Image Inducer

The rules that they play,
The message that is conveyed,
Everything about your body today,
Scrutinized on display,
Self-hate, something media creates,
You’re too fat or of the wrong race,
Divisions created to maintain,
A populace to sustain,
If we ever really loved ourselves,
That we could see each other as equals,
That is not competition,
This is our transgression,
Against everything we have been taught,
You are my friend and I accept,
The beauty with in all of us,
It’s more than what’s on the surface

The truth within, we fight these lies!
Track Name: Punk Rock Geeks
Punk Rock Geeks

Hello my friend it’s nice to meet you,
Tell me all about the things that you do,
Let’s have a beer and have a chat,
All about our punk rock digs and cats,
About your scene, about your music,
Is it dwindling or is it explosive?
We have this bond and we will be friends,
For most of us, we are in this until the end

Our Universal family,
Fighting for equality,
Our differences, what makes us unique,
In the end we are all just punk rock geeks,
Our Universal family,
I’m so glad we got to meet,
This love that brought us together,
I know and you know, we all care … We’re in this together

Hello new friend, we welcome you
Have a beer? Your straightedge? That’s totally cool
Play an instrument? Or collect vinyl?
Indifferent or overtly political?
Race or gender, it don’t matter here!
Does not matter if you’re straight or queer,
Deep down we are all family,
I care about you and you care about me!

Sometimes we feel alone,
Sometimes we don’t know what to do,
This world isn’t meant for us,
That’s why we change it,

Hello, my old dear friend,
It was so long ago that we first met,
It’s so good to see you again,
What adventures have you been on?
This is for all generations,
Of future, past and present,
This is for all of the friends we have lost,
You will be held deeply in our hearts,